Charity Event

Charity Awareness Programs:
Whether your event calls for pink-inspired breast cancer awareness items or themed products to promote other causes, we have just the right items to convey your message before, during, and long after the event is over.

Pre-Event promotions will help build excitement and participation in the event. Banners / Print Material

Branded apparel is essential for the day of the event.  Your team will stand apart with matching shirts. Fully Promoted can help you find the best polo shirts that convey the look and feel of your event to ensure that all the participates feel good. Buy Apparel Now

Also, include a product they will use again and again, like a recycle shopping bag. The tote will also be used many times afterwards, reminding players of the good time they had playing in your tournament. Shop Promotional Products

Charitable tie-ins. Charity Events are almost always themed around a charity and there’s good reason for that; it’s a fun way to raise money and awareness for a good cause.  To amp up the profit possibilities give away prizes throughout the tournament and end the event with a raffle.  Supply a unique item for the big prize and make sure you have plenty of branded giveaways so no one goes away empty-handed.

Awards: You can’t have a golf tournament without outstanding awards.  Make yours memorable and plentiful.  Your Fully Promoted expert can help you create trophies and plaques that can be awarded for achievements such as:  Awards not only ensure goodwill on the day of the event, you can be sure the recipient will proudly display their honor in their homes and offices where observers can quickly be reminded of your event and your cause.  View Awards