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Privacy Policy

Fully Promoted understands the importance of protecting the privacy of it’s website users. The information collected is used to market and improve the services we offer, to improve the web site content, and to contact you with updates to the web site or for other marketing purposes.

Certain areas of this site, require registration or a password for access. Information obtained from registered users of these areas may also be used for Fully Promoted marketing purposes, and cookies may be used in those and other areas, as is described in this Policy. Information obtained in these areas may also be used in accordance with agreements governing access to and use of the specific areas. In addition, visitors of this website may choose to register for a Login user ID and password to simplify access to some interactive features on this website. Log file data and other information gathered from registered users of this website are used to improve the customer experience while on our website.

Please also see the Fully Promoted Terms of Use on this website for terms of carriage, limitations of liability, and disclaimers of warranty and general terms applicable to all services and various information used and provided with Fully Promoted services.

What information does Fully Promoted capture about visitors to its web site?

Our web server uses an extended log file format which captures: date and time of visit, referring address (location from which a visitor comes to this website), type of Internet browser, and visitor’s IP address. (Each computer that connects to the Internet is assigned a unique number, an IP address, for identification purposes). The log file does not capture a visitor’s email address.

Does Fully Promoted ask for personal information?

Several areas of this website may ask for personal information. In these areas, your name, address, email address, billing information, and business profile are requested. This information is collected to help us further develop our services, to provide you access to valuable Fully Promoted Internet-based information and services, and to bill you for those services if you elect to use them.

How does Fully Promoted use the information?

The information collected through this site helps us identify the type of web site content our customers value most. We use this information to market and improve the web site and our services. We also use this information to send you email notifications about updates to the web site, and to contact you by other means for marketing and other purposes. Our policy is to not give, sell or otherwise distribute the information collected through this site to third parties outside of Fully Promoted (unless required by law); provided, however, in some cases we may use suppliers to assist us in collecting, using or otherwise processing for our benefit the information obtained through this site. Our practice is to require our suppliers to conduct such activities consistent with this policy and our requirements.

What happens when I leave this website to visit an Fully Promoted linked website?

Parts of this website consist of products and services hosted by third-party businesses. When you leave our site to visit one of these sites, the only information transferred to the third-party is the fact that you came from this website (the referring address). This practice allows the third-party to monitor its own web site traffic, but does not provide them with any information about you. Fully Promoted is not responsible or liable for the independent privacy policies of our third-party sites. You should consult the privacy policies at those sites to determine how your information may be used.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a series of data characters that, when programmed into a web site, is placed by the web server into the browser’s application folder on your computer. Once placed onto your machine, the cookie will allow the web site to “recognize” you as a unique individual.

Does Fully Promo use cookies?

Cookies are used to achieve two goals. The first is to provide Fully Promoted with the capability to personalize information for certain segments of its customer base. Secondly, in some instances, cookies are used to allow Fully Promoted the opportunity to associate individual customers with their information profiles. For example, through the use of cookies, the website can “remember” your user ID when you login to Fully Promoted at this website on your computer.

Can cookies be removed form my hard drive?

Yes, cookies can be removed from your hard drive. Also, depending on what type of web browser and what browser version you are using, you may be able to change the properties on your cookie file so that cookies are not used or saved. Please check with your browser provider for more information on removing cookies.

Additional Resources On information Privacy

The Electronic Privacy Information Center focuses public attention on emerging civil liberties issues relating to the National Information Infrastructure. EPIC Alert is the online newsletter of the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington, DC. The newsletter is bi-weekly and covers issues related to privacy and civil liberties in the information age.

Fully Promoted reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy at any time with or without notice. Please check back frequently in the event of changes. Your use of this website constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Policy.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Invoices and Cancellation of Orders with CMIL LLC / Fully Promoted prepares your order according to your specifications. Therefore, prior to its commencement, your order is only cancel-able with the Vendor’s prior written consent. After commencement of your order (the point at which materials are ordered and work has begun), your order is non-cancel-able. Any cancellation after placing order shall incur a 20% restocking charge plus shipping.
  2.  Customer is Solely Responsible for Proofreading. Vendor does not assume any responsibility for the correctness of copy. Therefore, you must review and approve a proof prior to our commencement of work on your order. By approving your proof, you approve of its content and release the Vendor to commence its work. You are solely responsible for the content of the proof once it has been approved. However, if Vendor should make an error in producing the work as proofed, please be assured that it will be redone as quickly as possible and without charge to you.
  3.  Delivery on all dates promised on this invoice is approximations unless the word “firm” is written and acknowledged by the Vendor. The Vendor may tender any quantity of goods, which is not less than 90%, nor more than 110% of the quantity specified herein. Such tender shall be a conforming tender and the price specified herein shall be rat-ably adjusted. Vendor reserves the right to substitute similar merchandise for out of stock items. This sale is made F.O.B. point of shipment. All goods are shipped at your risk. You shall duly pay for, and the Vendor shall have no liability for goods damaged, destroyed or lost in transit. Vendor shall not be liable for breach, default or delay caused by failure of a source of supplies, strike, labor disputes, fire, flood, accident, riot, terrorism, war, embargo or other cause or contingency beyond the control of the Vendor.
  4.  LIMITED WARRANTY Vendor warrants that the goods at the time of delivery will conform to the description on the face side hereof and that the you will acquire good title to the goods. In the event the goods are non-conforming on the date of delivery, your sole remedy shall be to return the goods to the Vendor and have the work redone without charge.
    5. Terms of Payment Upon ordering, you must give Vendor a 50% deposit. Your balance will be due upon delivery. Invoices are considered delinquent thirty(30) days from the date that your order is completed. After the thirtieth day, a late charge of $30.00, together with interest accruing at the rate of 1.5% per annum, or the maximum rate allowable by law is assessed. You shall be liable for all costs related to collection of delinquent invoices, including court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees.
  5. Your acceptance, either personal or through your agent(s) and/or employee(s) of the work ordered shall be deemed as full acceptance. This means that by accepting delivery of the work, you affirm that the work substantial conforms to all specifications.
  6.  If you do not take possession of completed work within thirty (30) days from notification of completion, then the work will be considered lost or forgotten, and Vendor will not be responsible for loss or destruction of the work. You will be billed and responsible for payment for work that has been completed.
  7.  You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Vendor from and against all claims, liabilities and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees in defending any such claim) based upon an alleged infringement of any patent, trademark, copyright or other proprietary right, invasion of privacy, breach of contract or otherwise arising from the use of any picture, plate, advertising copy, specifications or material furnished to Vendor by you or prepared by Vendor at your direction.
  8.  All artwork prepared by Vendor in connection with your order shall remain the property of the Vendor.
  9.  Miscellaneous This agreement sets forth the entire agreement of the parties hereto with respect to the subject matter covered and supersedes all prior offers and agreements, oral or written. The provisions set forth herein shall govern and displace any inconsistent provisions which may be set forth in any purchase order or other document submitted by you to Vendor. Vendor specifically objects to any terms and conditions proposed by you which are different from or add to the terms and conditions set forth herein.